State Lines - Hoffman Manor 12"

  • State Lines - Hoffman Manor 12
  • State Lines - Hoffman Manor 12

State Lines - Hoffman Manor 12"


State Lines were a 4 piece band from Long Island, NY that broke up after an EP & 2 LPs. This band preceded Jade Lilitri's formation of his active band, Oso Oso. Hoffman Manor was their debut record.

I hope you listen to this record and think to yourself "if they can do it, maybe I can too" and you get involved with local music in someway. That's what I did.


1. Drive(r)
2. Getaway
3. You Were A Hurricane
4. Cancer
5. Garvey
6. Cheers, Belmonte
7. Probably In A Notebook
8. My Friends
9. House
10. Hoffman Manor

Pressing Information

1st Press (Meadowbrook Records):
Sandy /50
Black /250

2nd Press (Counter Intuitive Records):
Rainbow Splatter /100
Dark Swirl /400

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