Toy Cars - Sleeping Patterns09.16.16 · Counter Intuitive Records / Sniffling Indie Kids · CIR005

"New Jersey’s Toy Cars is a band that seems to fit into the state’s rock ‘n’ roll lineage. The band writes songs about cruising freeways like Bruce Springsteen did back in the day, but with the slight punk stomp that made The Gaslight Anthem famous." - The A.V. Club

"Sure, their songs are short, but in that there are clever rhythm changes that don’t have to be over the top. Opener “Bjork” has such a simple turnaround in the chorus that is makes the song’s upbeat nature take hold of your body. The volleying tambourine and snare drum are catchy by themselves, then add Matt DeBenedetti’s on edge sing/screams and it’s a whirlpool of whimsical beauty. Compare the two choruses and the vocal changes — shit, it’s everything you want in a song. It — whether aware or unaware — becomes the very allure found in the lyrics, “you are the fever that won’t break, the chill that I can’t shake.”

But that is just the first song. In five songs, Toy Cars manage to shoot through the sky like fireworks just to dazzle listeners with their introspective songs that bleed part americana part emotional roller coaster punk. Closing number “Albatross” starts off as a writhing, ballad of a song but detonates into an anthemic gut puncher shining on the vocal cadences. It’s just damned fun songwriting. But again, it’s not like Toy Cars are pitching the next biggest brand spanking new message, they’re just fucking honest about what they have to say." - Sean Gonzalez, New Noise Magazine

Weakened Friends - Crushed / Gloomy Tunes07.22.16 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR004

"They’re absolutely electrifying, and I frankly couldn’t get enough. Sturino’s got a siren-like voice and whales on her guitar with aplomb. Hoffman’s backing vocals are fantastic, as is her bass, and Jones is a masterful rock drummer.

So as you can imagine, I was pleased as punch to get wind of their new EP, “Crushed.” The six songs clock in just under 19 minutes and every song completely rocks. This is actually their second EP; the first one, “Gloomy Tunes,” dropped last year, and the four songs on it are also spectacular.

When I listen to Weakened Friends, I’m gripped by a desire to, I don’t know, race around the streets of Portland on roller skates equipped with jet packs, waving to everyone with the band blasting in my ears." - Maine Today

Motel TV - My Ice Cream Is Melting08.05.16 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR003

"For the lack of a better word, Motel TV’s 2016 summer release, My Ice Cream is Melting, is overwhelmingly nostalgic. Nostalgia can manifest itself in a lot of things: the scent of the spring air, a song favored by a past lover or the sight of a regularly walked avenue. But no matter what, there is an element of sadness and longing that exists in an otherwise fond memory, and this is exactly what My Ice Cream is Melting captures. My Ice Cream is Melting is decidedly homey and familiar. It’s a soundtrack for the imperfect life, making the EP accessible, relatable and despite it all, rather pleasant." - Boston Hassle

Plainclothes - Dog Logic09.01.15 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR002

"Plainclothes play a brief, fast paced brand of emo/punk that’s reminiscent of emo staples American Football and modern punk contemporaries Joyce Manor. The three-piece employs the use of intricate math inspired guitar parts on their debut album Dog Logic, which was released last year on Counter Intuitive Records. Its lyrics are a mature and honest look into their young lives, while analyzing the moments that helped shape them during their formative years. Plainclothes waste no time on the 18 minute record, packing songs less than two minutes long with intelligent reflections and references to philosophers such as Immanuel Kant." - The Deli Magazine

Bay Faction - Bay Faction09.29.15 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR001

"I couldn’t identify one song where each instrument wasn’t contributing something wonderfully dark and reflective. Of the dark parts of life represented in these songs, to me it’s more of a mirror. The way we see the low points, the desperation in the singing comes across so passionately. This is band that knows how to express itself, and has come together to make an intense album." - Glory In Sound

"These cleanly delivered lamentations and blues based instrumentals weave together perfectly to create something distinct in today’s music scene. There’s no twinkle on here, no grand explosion of sorrow, just a dull and constant ache covered by a blues crafted haze." - Sputnik Music