Prince Daddy & The Hyena - I Thought You Didn't Even Like Leaving

09.23.16 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR020

"It’s hard not to make comparisons when Prince Daddy & The Hyena’s contribution to a split EP is a cover of Pinkerton B-side “Devotion.” It’s harder still when “Clever Girl” blatantly cribs and tunes down the first verse of “No One Else”, and somehow blends it with a condensed wannabe “Only In Dreams” to lead the song to its cathartic, distorted conclusion. The combination of pop sensibilities with a more ragged punk aesthetic is not necessarily a new concept in the realm of music, and that’s okay, because Prince Daddy & The Hyena indulge in its potential complexities so well that familiarity goes out the window. Every dynamic build-up to the final chorus; every introduction of a new distorted riff; every tinnitus-inducing bout of feedback and cymbal crash before diving headfirst into a spiteful attack against strings and snares – it’s all there. It’s all fantastic. Hell, sometimes they just take two songs and combine them into one, all for the fun of it. To top it all off, it's coated in a fitting, almost garage-like production, emphasising the low fidelity and the intimacy of Prince Daddy's information overload. Angry punks and musical competency do not have to be mutually exclusive. It makes for better listening when they merge.

World-building is not a concept naturally associated with the power pop, punk or emo scene. Prince Daddy & The Hyena routinely build a world filled with the infuriating and the mundane, and then proceed to bash it down at every possible opportunity with a sledgehammer, without caring whether they hurt themselves in the process. They lie as an antithesis to '90s-era Rivers Cuomo, aiming outward where he would aim inward. Entire sing-along choruses are dedicated to forgetting to take medication. There’s a ton of detail in seemingly throwaway lines, sung in an almost out-of-tune weed-induced rasp; whether they argue that “not-that-rapey” isn’t a convincing argument for a party, or “When the doctor said ‘No smoking, kid,’ I hope he just meant cigarettes.” There’s an obvious sense of youth to the record; even when the rare pop culture reference breaks out, it relates to Jurassic Park 3. Nobody’s ever decided Jurassic Park 3 was good enough to be referenced in a song, let alone relating their life to the final scenes of it. Everything’s a target in Prince Daddy & The Hyena’s small world, no matter how much loose fun they have with it." - Sputnik Music