Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Adult Summers10.21.15 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR015

Re-issue on vinyl.

"The positive nihilism throughout this record is something that at least for me seems to be new and refreshing. It is refreshing to see a DGAF attitude that is warm and fuzzy while still being really serious and introspective. It is almost like PDaddy is putting up a front to their listener that they don’t care and just wanna smoke, drink and fuck up the police, but actually there is more depth to them if you care to look." - Celebrity Punk House

"Their music is fast, loud, and weird… In a good way. A very good way. Amidst the aggression, there’s a cavalcade (yes, a cavalcade) of really impressive and beautiful guitar work, not to mention the myriad of other creative noises peppered into the mix. At any rate, Prince Daddy & co. are pushing the limits of whatever genre they’re defying. In order to truly describe this band, you’ll probably just need to use the word “party.”" - Buffablog

No Better - Forget Me Not / If It's Not You03.10.17 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR014

"Straight from Redlands, California, No Better comes out with a very catchy, elegant and mind-blowing emo EP, …Forget Me Not. The four-piece band put their all into the first track, not holding anything back. The guitar tone and melodies really set the mood instantly, not to mention the heart wrenching lyrics that follow shortly after. “Linger” not only immediately fills you with emotion, but it has one of the catchiest choruses that I have heard in this genre of music and was stuck in my head for days after my first listen to the EP. " - Prelude Press

Pictures of Vernon - Pictures of Vernon05.05.17 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR013

"Indie rock in 2017 either attempts to surmount unease, or at least make sense of it. For Pictures of Vernon, the two years between The Days are Just Packed – an elastic, snarling set of tracks toeing the line dividing garage demo from well-intentioned debut – and their self-titled follow-up were full of shifting moments. The North Carolina trio, headed by primary songwriter Anderson Ragan, balanced evolving their higher education and songwriting craft, only to channel that tug-of-war – and their eventual departures from college – into tense, concise lyricism. "Krelboyne Picnic" chronicles Ragan's dropout year with frantic bursts of throbbing guitar, while "This is Water" experiments with glittering pedal play and an ominous rhythm section to close out the action with a muted coda. Rather than explode their statements past their breaking points, the sentiments here are unleashed in measured time, even with "Public School" and its shrieking vocals finding their blown fuse too soon. As five songs that meld together emo, post-hardcore, and of course indie rock's nebulous platform, Pictures of Vernon has painted a new portrait, and it's one that allows them to move past their own problems." - James Cassar

Shiver. - Evergreen12.06.16 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR012

This one was a long time coming. We are teaming up with Honest Face Records to release Shiver.'s debut full length titled "Evergreen." This album is one for anyone that loves the amazing genre known as indie rock & roll, baby. Carefully crafted from the quietest bridges to the epic endings. We got to work with some of the most friendly, genuine people we've met through music on this one and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you.

sports. / Meet Me In Montauk - Highway 2 Shell01.01.17 · Counter Intuitive Records / Riff Castle Records · CIR011

"sports. add a bunch of frantic energy to the split, with their two songs spiraling with vigor and vitality. “Livin’ On A prayer Pt. 2” is urgent, lead by winding drum patterns and raw vocals. “Slick Jonas” keeps the momentum charging forward with the same strengths pulsing through the song. Meet Me In Montauk open their half of Highway 2 Shell with bombastic vocals, piercing through the soundscape with a monologue structure, setting the stage before the giant crash. MMIM are great with dynamics, showcasing that with “If Young Ringo Don’t Trust Ya.” - The Alternative

Mom Jeans. - Best Buds07.03.16 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR010

Hot dang, the hits keep coming.

Counter Intuitive Presents: Cosmic Debris, Vol · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR009

This compilation was built with tracks from current CIR bands, some future CIR bands, friends of the label, and some bands I've looked up to for a long time. The comp is made up of demo's, acoustic versions, live sessions, covers, and a few full band tracks. Every track on here was selected because I truly love these bands and hope you all can find the same merit in them as I do. You may know some, you may not know others, so please give them a chance! CDs were made by the amazing Pavonine Packaging and artwork by my friend Sarah

Graduating Life - Fuck You, I Can Do Cool Stuff Too / Freakin' Weekin'09.30.16 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR008

Graduating Life is here baby. This release features two EP's "Fuck You, I Can Do Cool Stuff Too" and "Freakin' Weekin'" combined on one compact disc. Dropping out of college to pursue music, undying love for his partner, and feelings of inadequacy and naitivity are all main components of what makes these heart-on-sleeve songs resonate over ridiculously good drumming and dynamic songwriting.

"You know you should have gone to college when ya had the chance / instead of playing in a band like a fucking kid / they all were right there's no way to make a living off this / you grew up in a world where you can't make a difference"

Equipment - Chump11.25.16 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR007

"I can’t help but fall more and more in love with this sweet little EP the more I play it as I continue to be in awe of the heaps of talent Nick Stoup displays on his first release." - Under Bright Lights

"Chump lands just shy of 15 minutes, and somehow it feels even shorter. And while brief, its almost impossible not to love this thing. At first glance, Chump can feel like a big hearty stew of Stoup’s influences; for instance, you’ll taste Weezer, Elliot Smith, even hints of Death Cab For Cutie and Modest Mouse. However, upon spending time with the EP, it’s clear that while these touch-points are present, there’s something much more endearing and singular at the core of Equipment songs. A large part of this quality comes from the inherent youth in Stoup’s approach to songwriting. Like many young artists, he stumbles upon the emotional clarity and wisdom many spend their whole lives looking for." - The Alternative

Who Loves You - Green & Tangerine12.27.16 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR006

" Adam’s lyrics surprisingly contain some value thematically. When I say thematically, I don’t mean reoccurring songs about general sadness and breakups as that wouldn’t be very noteworthy for this type of music. Although those baseline themes are present, DaSilva uniquely takes it a step further by utilizing the strategy of describing his feelings with colors, an unusual idea but one that works to the album’s advantage. “Shades” are the name of the game for Adam, and it’s quite fascinating how often he talks about seeing things in these “shades” of green, gray, and blue. Throughout the album, he hints at what these colors mean to him, but it isn’t until the aptly titled second to last track, ‘Green Over Blue (Dog Daze)’ where their true meanings are revealed. “everything's fine and gray/the dullest greens/and the hopeless blues” he mutters over a math rock inspired riff contrasted with a deep, brooding bassline that swarms the song with utter darkness and despair. For Adam, he’s accepted his life of dullness (grays) and because of his depressive mindset, colors that are supposed to be bright and beautiful to others (greens and blues) are merely “dull” and “hopeless” to him.

Although the lyrics are an obvious highlight, it’s the music itself that really adds to the attractiveness of this band. These guys aren’t afraid to play into the clichés of the genre, as seen in the shout-alongy “BA BA BA BA BADADUH” in album highlight ‘Primer’ and the feedback-ridden buildup at the end of ‘Nosebleed’. Luckily, most of these songs are under 3 minutes long as the band members themselves realize in a way that if they were any longer the potency of these emo tropes would be diminished. These songs jam hard, and their ability to create swift climaxes within a matter of seconds deceives the listener into thinking these songs are longer than they actually are. Yet, before you know it, the album blows by you in a color-fueled haze of greens and blues that, altogether, mixes into grays. As dull as the final product may appear, knowing the colorful elements that constructed it makes it feel a lot less lackluster and inherently more appealing. So embrace the color gray, it just may surprise you." - Sputnik Music

Toy Cars - Sleeping Patterns09.16.16 · Counter Intuitive Records / Sniffling Indie Kids · CIR005

"New Jersey’s Toy Cars is a band that seems to fit into the state’s rock ‘n’ roll lineage. The band writes songs about cruising freeways like Bruce Springsteen did back in the day, but with the slight punk stomp that made The Gaslight Anthem famous." - The A.V. Club

"Sure, their songs are short, but in that there are clever rhythm changes that don’t have to be over the top. Opener “Bjork” has such a simple turnaround in the chorus that is makes the song’s upbeat nature take hold of your body. The volleying tambourine and snare drum are catchy by themselves, then add Matt DeBenedetti’s on edge sing/screams and it’s a whirlpool of whimsical beauty. Compare the two choruses and the vocal changes — shit, it’s everything you want in a song. It — whether aware or unaware — becomes the very allure found in the lyrics, “you are the fever that won’t break, the chill that I can’t shake.”

But that is just the first song. In five songs, Toy Cars manage to shoot through the sky like fireworks just to dazzle listeners with their introspective songs that bleed part americana part emotional roller coaster punk. Closing number “Albatross” starts off as a writhing, ballad of a song but detonates into an anthemic gut puncher shining on the vocal cadences. It’s just damned fun songwriting. But again, it’s not like Toy Cars are pitching the next biggest brand spanking new message, they’re just fucking honest about what they have to say." - Sean Gonzalez, New Noise Magazine

Weakened Friends - Crushed / Gloomy Tunes07.22.16 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR004

"They’re absolutely electrifying, and I frankly couldn’t get enough. Sturino’s got a siren-like voice and whales on her guitar with aplomb. Hoffman’s backing vocals are fantastic, as is her bass, and Jones is a masterful rock drummer.

So as you can imagine, I was pleased as punch to get wind of their new EP, “Crushed.” The six songs clock in just under 19 minutes and every song completely rocks. This is actually their second EP; the first one, “Gloomy Tunes,” dropped last year, and the four songs on it are also spectacular.

When I listen to Weakened Friends, I’m gripped by a desire to, I don’t know, race around the streets of Portland on roller skates equipped with jet packs, waving to everyone with the band blasting in my ears." - Maine Today